BOT Influencer Program

Who is the influencer we are looking for?

(Meeting one of the following conditions is sufficient.)

1. Up to 1000 followers

2. Loving menswear and outfits

3. Painter, Designer, Dresser, Exhibitor(We accept students related to these majors)

4. Be assisting and gaining publicity through various social media platforms

Why should you cooperate with us?

1. Fixed Sponsor fees or free products

2. Receive new products before the launch

3. Unique discount code for your community, and at least 15% order commission for you

4. Cash support for social media campaign to interact with your community

5. Design co-branded clothes with us

If Beotyshow is a brand you are still interested in connecting with, please contact us. Then, once you let us know what you think, we can move forward and figure out the best partnership opportunity that fits both our styles.

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