The M-65 Field Jacket—— A Classic Derived From History

The M-65 Field Jacket—— A Classic Derived From History

History of the M-65 Field Jacket

The M-1965 Field Jacket (also known as M65M-65 Field Jacket, and Coat, Cold Weather, Man's Field), eponymously named after the year it was introduced.
It was introduced into U.S. military service in 1965 to replace the previous M-1951 field jacket, itself an improvement on the M-1943 field jacket introduced during World War II, although the M-51 continued to be issued for quite some time.

The front portion of the jacket has two large hip pockets and two medium-sized breast pockets. The collar of the jacket features a zipper which houses a protective hood.The M-1965 field jacket can be combined with a button-in insulated lining for cold-weather wear, as well as a button-on fur trimmed winter hood. The jacket is fastened with a large aluminum or brass (later nylon) zipper, with a storm flap fastened with snaps covering it.

Worn everywhere from the jungles of Vietnam and the deserts of the Middle East to iconic Hollywood movies and high-end fashion runways, the M-65 field jacket has left an enduring mark on fashion history.
M-65 field windbreaker was born during the Vietnam WarIn order to adapt to the jungle environment with rapid temperature changes and frequent rain. 

Alfa introduced the M-65 as a base design based on the M-51.
Because of its stiffness, the military style is more distinct,Admired by military enthusiasts
The M-65 Field Jacket was a progression from the M-51 jacket, which itself marked an evolution from the M-43 – and yes, the numbers in these jackets’ names do refer to the year they were first issued by the military.
Thus, the M-65 was originally constructed for American soldiers to wear in the Vietnam conflict which the US was entering back then.
The M 41 jacket of the 1940th
Original M-51 and M-65 Alpha Industries Field Jackets


Interestingly, the design and production of the M-65 Field Jacket was handled by Alpha Industries from Knoxville, Tennessee, who also did the iconic MA-1 flight jacket. Most of Alpha Industries’ creations were initially part of a contract with the Department of Defense and have since never really left the stage. So much for extraordinary practical design.

As the US soldiers were coming home, they brought their trusty M-65s with them and introduced the jacket to the streets of the West. By wearing it at protest marches and events, veterans like John Kerry – who would later go on to become a US presidential candidate – turned the military garment into a symbol for peace and the counter-culture.


Even today, this transition can be traced back to some very famous movies of the time. Woody Allen as Alvy Singer in “Annie Hall”, Al Pacino as Frank Serpico in “Serpico” or Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle in “Taxi Driver” – New Hollywood’s finest wore the M-65 jacket in these seminal roles that would define them as post-modern American heroes.

The M-65 Field Jacket Today

Over the decades, the M-65 has secured its place as a style staple. Sturdy, yet soft and comfortable, and multi-functional, yet simple and elegant – the clean layout of the garment and its timeless appeal have made it a classic silhouette that never goes out of style. That’s why designers from all over the globe return to the M-65 time and time again.

M-65 Field Jacket decorated with the names of many underground bands, 1990th

Like the MA-1 bomber, the field jacket can now be found in a wide variety of styles and colors; however, the fact that the classic M-65 in olive green is still in high demand attests to the functional and aesthetic value of the original Alpha Industries design. The M-65 field jacket is durable in many ways, exemplified by its resilience throughout the decades, and it has proven itself to be a truly timeless piece of American fashion and history.

Everyone should have at least one jacket in their wardrobe. Put the classics in your wardrobe and let the history culture live on forever.


M-65 Field Army Jacket


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