Recycled Polyester — New life for pre-loved materials.

Recycled Polyester — New life for pre-loved materials.

The Situation

Plastic — a smooth, shiny, colourful, and convenient material, is also a toxic nuisance to our environment. Between 5m and 13m tonnes of plastic leaks into the world’s oceans each year to be ingested by sea birds, fish and other organisms, and by 2050 the ocean will contain more plastic by weight than fish, according to research by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Experts warn that some of it is already finding its way into the human food chain. But with the help of Recycled Polyester, we’re reclaiming plastic and bringing it back from the brink.

The Impact

• Recycled uses up to 59% less energy and 32% less CO2 than virgin polyester 

• Up to 60 million plastic bottles go into landfill every day and 600 million tons of fishing gear are dumped into the sea each year. repurposing plastic helps protect animals and ecosystems 

• Encourages circular production and lessens our dependence on non-renewable energy sources like petroleum 

• We are producing more plastic than we are recycling. Only 9% of the world’s plastic has been recycled. So in all likelihood, the first water bottle you ever drank is still sitting in the landfill, cluttering the environment, and polluting the earth for hundreds of years to come

Why We Love Recycled Polyester

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