Organic Cotton — Kind to your skin, kind to the planet.

Organic Cotton — Kind to your skin, kind to the planet.

What Is Organic Cotton

Many of us don’t realise that what we wear started life in the soil. Cotton is grown in a field, the fluffy fibre is picked and then spun into thread. Once woven into material it is light, breathable, easy to work with and easy to wear.

There are various sustainable cottons available, but, if you want to be sure what you are buying is grown in a truly sustainable way, certified organic cotton is the best option. Organic is the only system which eliminates highly toxic substances from the environment and instead works holistically, for the long-term benefit of people and the planet.

The Situation

Natural water sources are polluted with toxic chemicals and waste, putting local communities at risk. Due to unsustainable methods, conventional cotton farmers are constantly exposed to dangerous chemicals and toxins on a daily basis.

Conventional cotton production uses up to 16% of the world’s insecticides, and 7% of herbicides. These chemicals are then washed out of soils, polluting rivers and damaging the environment. Cotton farming also requires large amounts of water for irrigation causing soil salinisation, drying up of lakes and other large bodies of water.

Our Process

We have eliminated all chemicals from our cotton production, to reduce CO2 emissions, prioritise soil health and promote biodiversity. Farmers sow the cotton seeds into a rich organic compost, leave it to grow and then harvest the bolls naturally – by hand - when they are ready. These bolls are then transferred into the ginning factory where they are cleaned up and plucked apart, creating our cotton fibres. The fibres are combed and spun into a soft, textured yarn, which is woven into fabric and made into your soft comfy clothes.

The Impact

• The process of growing and weaving our cotton is organic from seed to stitch. Organic and gots certified cotton eliminates harmful chemicals, uses up to 91% less water, and 46% less CO2 than conventionally grown 

• This is much better for the environment, protects soil health, promotes biodiversity and helps combat climate change.

• Our fairtrade farmers are treated well and paid properly, at least a living wage. They also aren’t exposed to toxic chemicals at work because we don’t use them

Why We Love Organic Cotton


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