Linen Fabric —— Make You Feel at Ease

Linen Fabric —— Make You Feel at Ease

Linen: the fabric that does half the job in the heat and creates expressive looks.

Temperatures above 30 °C are a challenge - for body and wardrobe. Just think about the last summers. The right linen clothing provides the answer. On hot days it is the first choice for men. The grainy fabric impresses with its airiness, it never sticks to the skin and imperceptibly absorbs moisture. Typically, this creates his characteristic creases.

Whether woven or knitted - there is a full spectrum of fashion for linen, from airy linen shirts to comfortable pullovers and elegant suits. Garments made of linen are unbeatable in summer, they can be combined in many different ways and result in amazingly individual looks. Discover the diversity of the airy summer fabric.


Linen – a natural fabric with heat-loving talents.

Linen offers the answer to shimmering heat and lets you appear stylish even beyond 24 °C. The natural fiber is known for its enormous airiness - some find it cooling - and the characteristic creases . All in all, the hard-wearing fabric combines a whole range of positive properties that make it the ideal summer fabric.

Summer fabric linen: robust fiber with an airy effect.

Linen owes its airy properties to the stems of the flax plant, which are long-stemmed and somewhat stiffer. Due to the smooth surface of the fiber, linen hardly traps any air and feels cool . The linen fabric can imperceptibly absorb moisture from your skin and release it to the outside without feeling wet.

In addition to its cooling effect, linen is extremely robust and hard-wearing . Because of this firm structure, linen has a tendency to crease. A typical feature of the character fabric, because the fine creases also ensure that the fabric is always the right distance from the skin when worn and leaves the necessary space for air circulation .

The natural fiber also has dirt-repellent, antistatic and antibacterial properties , making it perfect for allergy sufferers. Visually, linen impresses with its gentle creases and fine knots. It is typically sprinkled with light speckles that underline the natural character of the granular natural substance. In addition to these linen-typical elevations, the fabric also has a natural sheen.

Origin and production of linen.

Linen is obtained from the stalks of the flax plant - it is extremely economical to grow. After harvesting, the seeds of the flax fiber are first removed (the farmer speaks of corrugating) and then roasted. The flax stalk then has to dry for a long time before the plant can be separated from the wood. Then the short fibers are combed out until finally the long fibers are ready for spinning and spun into linen yarn. The linen yarn is then either woven or knitted into linen fabrics .

A basic distinction is made between pure linen and half-linen when it comes to linen . Pure linen refers to fabrics that consist of 100% flax fibers. The linen fabric has a particularly cool feel and is therefore ideal in hot temperatures. Half-linen has a linen content of at least 40% and is processed together with cotton . As a result, the material creases less, but still has all the good properties that linen should have.

Fine linen blends with fibers such as viscose and polyester are also popular . The materials ensure that the garment has a soft, flowing quality and that creases do not become so deep.The origin of our linen fabrics is very diverse. For example, hannes roether mainly uses Dutch linen, which is even sturdier and stronger than conventional linen. A quality feature, because the richer the creases in the linen fabric, the higher the quality.

What are the features of linen fabric?

  • One of the important features of linen fabric is that it is a natural fiber.
  • Linen fabric is more durable than most of the other fabric types including cotton.
  • Thanks to its high moisture absorption feature, linen fabric is frequently used in bathroom products.
  • Linen fabric, which has a smooth and hairless structure, is preferred because it does not get dirty quickly.
  • Linen fabric, which has a shiny structure, has a low level of flexibility.
  • It is more preferred in summer, as it allows the body to breathe.

The right care for men's fashion made of linen.

Linen is an extremely tear-resistant and easy-care fabric. Even after many washes, linen garments look just like the first day if they are properly cared for. In theory, you can wash undyed linen at up to 95°C. In most cases, however, you will find colored linen that can withstand a maximum of 40 °C in the washing machine. Since cleaning varies depending on the composition of the material, it is best to always follow the instructions on the care label. If you only load the washing machine halfway, the day’s creases will be thrown out.

Linen does not belong in the dryer. Instead, after washing, simply hang the clothes in a place with increased humidity, ideally in the bathroom. Then the gentle creases of the linen fabric hang out perfectly. The easiest way to iron items made of linen is to iron them while they are still slightly damp – then iron them inside out first, then right sides, i.e. iron the outside with steam and moderate heat.


Stylish men's fashion for hot days: Linen in the Beotyshow

The right linen fashion convinces not only with airy comfort but also with expressive designs , so that you are comfortably, lightly and appropriately dressed even on the most beautiful days of the year.

Airy linen shirts: cultivated nonchalance in summer temperatures.

Well-made linen shirts are perfect for summer and don't need much - they're a fashion staple. In principle, they act like bellows, which fans fresh air, never sticks to the body and thus ensures an optimal feel-good climate. Whether as a short-sleeved or long-sleeved variant, with a stand-up collar or Kent collar, in natural white, neatly striped or with unseen prints - linen shirts are as diverse in design as the occasions for which you wear them. With its gentle creases, linen creates expressive looks that skilfully range between nonchalance and extravagance.

Heat-loving linen trousers: more dressed up than shorts.

On hot summer days, linen pants are the ideal alternative to skinny jeans, fine new wool trousers and even shorts. The pants offer a uniquely airy feel, and their designs are varied: from convincing in the style of casual jeans to pleated pants with a vintage flair to the correct suit pants with a jacket. Light linen trousers in colors such as natural white, beige or sand are particularly popular in summer. Trousers with a comfortable drawstring look relaxed. As soon as they are woven a little tighter and still contain crease-resistant elastane, linen trousers with a five-pocket cut are even suitable for the office.


Strong looks with linen - perfect for high summer temperatures.

Linen outfits are always a touch less severe without being sloppy. The linen fabric inspires a variety of summer outfits, from casual to elegant. Discover the fashionable all-rounder linen.

Lived lightness with a linen shirt.

Linen shirts bring the easy lifestyle of summer into your wardrobe. With jeans and sneakers, they look robust and casual and make you want to travel and long summer evenings.

Linen care

Linen is notorious for being wrinkly. That means you will do a lot of ironing if you love linen clothing. When you need to iron a linen item, you need to use high heat and some steam.

You might come across wrinkles even when your linen clothes are drying. If you put them in the dryer, you should use a low heat to avoid wrinkles.

When it comes to washing linen clothes, you do not need to dry clean them. You can wash your linen clothes by hand or in the washing machine.


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